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Our AKG C414

We need a singer!

December Agents has published four basic new demos (without vocals) on SoundCloud. They're not supposed to be works of art or teasers for our next album, just tracks for you to download and add your vocals to, to provide a sample of your work. If you'd like to collaborate on this project, download the tracks. You can either record your own vocal to go with them yourself, or contact us, and we can setup a time for you to come to the studio in Chicago and try singing with our AKG C414 condenser mic.

You could be a December Agent! [ta-da!]

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Go check out our SoundCloud demos now!

Tangerine Dream performance Tangerine Dream - Tangram

Some examples of my musical influences...

The following should give some ideas of where I'd like to go musically, along with some of the demos on SoundCloud. This may give some idea of whether you'd like to collaborate on this project.

Tangerine Dream

As far as I'm concerned, they are the elder statesmen of electronic music. Formed in 1967 during the psychedelic period, they ended up being some of the founders of the music which later during the 70's became known as "krautrock" (or more politely, Berlin School electronic music). If you've been into electronic music for long, chances are good that their seminal 1974 album "Phaedra" is already in your collection.

If you like Moogs, tape delays, pulsating, warbling LFO's and filters, and dark forboding analog soundscapes that never stop also being melodic, like a classical piece done with tubes and wires, you'll absolutely love pretty much everything they've done up through the late 80's. After that, they seem to have lost their inspiration, as seems to happen with most artists after awhile.

Fairlight sampler Kate Bush - The Dreaming

Kate Bush

Best known for her 1985 synthpop release, "Running Up That Hill", she is proof that in the 80's, being a serious musician was not so incompatible with making the pop charts as it is now. Most of her songs have a certain science fiction aspect to them. Kate Bush was probably one of a very few Fairlight owners who actually took the time to understand the machine and use it to potential, rather than just having it as a status symbol to display success.

The Art of Noise members The Art of Noise - In Visible Silence

The Art of Noise

And speaking of people who really know what to do with a Fairlight CMI, we should not fail to also mention Trever Horn's most interesting project, The Art of Noise.

Martin Gore of Depeche Mode Depeche Mode - A Broken Frame

Depeche Mode

Of all of the various electronic groups that came out of the new wave direction rock music moved into in the 80's, probably none were more electronic in the pure sense than these guys. And whereas most of this type of music was trying to keep a certain upbeatness for pop radio's sake, it seems like Depeche Mode weren't really worried about it. Their wonderful bleakness provided the spark for much of the industrial, gothic, and darkwave musical splinters that came later. Today, in the current-day neo-synthpop movement, probably no other influence from 80's new wave and synthpop is being more still felt and credited (and endlessly copied) by the various groups that have surfaced now than Depeche Mode.

B! Machine B! Machine - Hybrid

B! Machine

Probably the quickest way to explain B! Machine's music if you've never heard it would be: Imagine a version of Depeche Mode that can't be properly listened to without a subwoofer. Yes, bass. Lots and lots of really low analog bass. For years now, I have witnessed with disappointment the sort of pop music that has come out that uses sub-bass frequencies and thought to myself, "Such potential...if only it was real music." Well, with B! is.


Jonna Lee To Whom It May Concern

The inspiration I get from Swedish neo-synthpop project "iamamiwhoami" includes many things, but one of the most important ones is that it reminds me of the same thing that Devo tried to teach us all thirty years ago, if we would listen: In new wave, it's okay to be weird. Really, really brilliantly weird.

Trisomie 21 Trisomie 21 album cover

Trisomie 21

The fact that Trisomie 21 even exists as a band is both frustrating and inspiring to me as a musician, because they have already accomplished what I have always wished to do. There is something disappointing in knowing that someone else beat you to it, but it's also reassuring to know there's proof that it's possible.

Boards of Canada Boards of Canada - Twoism

Boards of Canada

Boards of Canada are so named because of the old 70's film reels (which were naturally full of analog synth scores, warbly tape sounds, etc.) that used to be put out long ago by the Film Boards of Canada, which seem to be the aesthetic their music manages to capture. They are actually Scottish, not Canadian, by the way.