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About us:

Neo-synthpop, new wave, and Berlin School electronic music...in Chicago.


The awful 90's (coming soon!):

They were supposed to be over with ages ago. And they are...sort of.

Unfortunately, the 90's are the decade that never actually dies. Wake me when they're finally really over.

Strange government (coming soon!):

Since 2001, current events been crazier than a B-movie. Isn't political news supposed to be extremely boring?

If it's alright, I'd really prefer to have my boring news back. Boring good. Boring sane.

Movies and TV (coming soon!):

Mostly scifi, fantasy, British comedy.

It's just one big nerd-fest around here.

All the news that's not fit to print Bugs that fly are flying bugs.

news items:

Dead People Are Grateful {Jun-16-2014}:

After almost three months of continuous bogosity during which there has been time for almost everything else but music, I've finally got another demo posted.

We're still seeking a singer...

But until we get one, here it is !