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...what is Sysexy?

Sysexy is a Perl/Tk-based MIDI librarian program for Linux. A MIDI librarian is an application which allows musicians and studio producers to receive sounds and other data from their MIDI synthesizers, drum machines, rack effects processors, etc. over connection via MIDI cable (or more recently, via MIDI-over-USB), and archive this data to disk on a computer, then later transmit it back to the instrument or device it came from, effectively using the computer's storage to expand the data capacity of the instrument.

Some instruments have exotic needs for successfully accomplishing this, and cannot do a "sysex dump" with software or physical gear not specifically made to be compatible with the particular make and model of device being used. Sysexy can handle a variety of such obstacles commonly seen in MIDI equipment which would make more generic sysex programs unable to communicate, or require the user to find a sysex program specifically made for their instrument. Also, as Perl/Tk applications go, it's quite sexy!